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Gain more and more opportunities while studying in Pakistan, following in the footsteps of our expert consultants. We know, how much difficult it is to start a career abroad; therefore we come up with the best consultation services for students in Pakistan. Study in Malaysia is no more hassle for Pakistani students. Along with us, you can make sure that you’re studying abroad easier with our amazing consultation services. We are aware of what are the various problems that a student face, while studying abroad, but we are the one, from where you can resolve all such problems.

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Why would you choose us?

We are an expert education consultant

Expertise is very much important while looking for an education consultant, and we are the ones from where you can find out all such expertise. Make your future bright and study in Malaysia without any hassle. With our amazing counseling services, you can resolve all the issues, which arise while studying abroad. Our services are very much beneficial for all those who are living all across Pakistan.

Visa Guidance Available

Opting for the best visa guidance services provider is always tricky, but fortunately, we are the one from where you can get the best visa guidance. No matter, which type of visa you are applying we always offer the best visa guidance.

Beneficial for Medical students

For a medical student, it is always difficult to find out a perfect option of studying in Malaysia. But we are the ones, who make all it easier with our top-rated and expert solutions. 

Yb consultancy

Visa Guidance Available

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

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Choose from our top-rated counseling, who have experience in every type of education, whether it is about MBBS in Malaysia for Pakistani Students or anything else.


Academic Counselling

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Staff is very much important when you are seeking counseling services and we are the only services provider from where you will meet the completely amazing staff.


Amazing staff


We are the only award-winning counseling services provider, who has received an amazing list of the award along with our brilliant work and experience.


Award-winning counselling


With our amazing work, we have gained a 5-star rating from our clients who have chosen us as their Study in Malaysia consultation services provider.


5-star rated Services provider


Get assistance from Higher Education experts

Are you still having concerns related to the assistance for your higher education? If yes, then you do not need to feel stressed anymore. We have all the solutions related to queries to study MBBS in Malaysia for Pakistani Students. Malaysia is the only country, where you can join several courses within your budget. Irrespective of the course, and budget you will always receive the best guidance from us.

Yb consultancy

What Our Students Say About Us?

Our students are extremely satisfied from our amazing counseling services and we always ensure to offer brilliant services to them. Get in touch with us and let us make your future shine together.
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Apply for Your Graduation - List of Universities in Malaysia

We know how much it is difficult to find out the best and reputed List of Universities in Malaysia. You have reached the right place from where you can find out all the information about the best universities in Malaysia. Get top-rated and highly-satisfactory advice related to the study in Malaysia from our industry experts and choose your perfect option of course along with us today!

We are the one, who are in contact with thousands of students, who are extremely satisfied from our services. They always recommend us for the best counseling services. We have 99% of success ratio in terms of visa guidance and study visa counseling services provider and we are connected along with the number of top-notch universalities and colleges across Malaysia and allow us in understanding Asia pacific university requirements.

We have a list of students connected all across the Pakistan, therefore we are available 24/7 to assist queries of our students and make them ease in understanding all the requirements for study visa and other things. So, book your consultation along with us today and gain all the advantages from our exclusive services.